References in SSSS.Gridman

This page is dedicated to references in SSSS.Gridman and their relation to Gridman the Hyper Agent, Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, and other media. Warning: This page contains plenty of spoilers!

Differences betweeen Gridman the Hyper Agent and Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

Before discussing potential references, there are some basic differences that should be noted between the two series, especially that differ from SSSS.Gridman. Syber-Squad is an American production that repurposes footage from Gridman to tell a similar but different story. Gridman is renamed Servo and is a powered form the protagonist takes on, rather than a separate entity. The protagonists in the Gridman series are good with computers, while the Syber-Squad protagonists are various high school stereotypes. Gridman's allies operate the Junk computer to help him with assist weapons and programs, while Servo's Team Samurai all enter the computer and combine to defeat enemies. Both Gridman and Servo fight on a digital platform, while SSSS.Gridman depicts kaiju as a direct threat to the lives of the main characters. These differences help make it clear that SSSS.Gridman takes in all directions, not necessarily one source exclusively.


The version of Gridman that exists in SSSS.Gridman is implied to be the original Gridman from Gridman the Hyper Agent. In order to cap his power, Gridman's power was divided and he was given amnesia. The forms he takes on his own, called Initial Fighter Gridman and Primal Fighter Gridman, are inspired by the concept work for Gridman F, a failed sequel proposal for the original Gridman series. This is why Fighter is in their names.

Primal Fighter Gridman also may take inspiration in color choices from Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad's toyline. Toward the end of the franchise, they repainted the Servo toys to depict powered suits for Servo's allies: Tanker in blue, Syd in purple, and Amp in green. Initial Fighter Gridman has blue and purple accenting instead of red and blue, with green energy lines instead of yellow.

Gridman F

A failed sequel series to the original Gridman, the prompt for Gridman F / Gridman Fighter would give us the names for Yuta Hibiki, Akane Shinjo, and Alexis Kerib, as well as their general roles. This draft is also why Gridman's base forms are called Initial Fighter and Primal Fighter in SSSS.Gridman.

Gridman Alliance

The members of the Gridman Alliance, while similar to the protagonists of Gridman the Hyper Agent, are distinct characters, but contain references to their predicessors.

Akane Shinjo

Neon Genesis Junior High Students

This rough-looking group takes plenty of inspiration from the various influences on SSSS.Gridman. The main shared references include using Syber-Squad's names for the assist weapons, humans going into the computer to control the assist weapons, and having style influences from dinobots from Transformers.

Samurai Calibur aka Gridman Calibur

The presumed leader of the group, Samurai Calibur is the first member of the NGJHS to be revealed, and has the least obvious references. His name hides the most references, with the initials SC being shared with Sam Collins, the protagonist of Syber-Squad, as well as Samurai in the name being a flag that his team will have a connection. Calibur's behavior, especially in episode 2, may be a reference to Gridman episode 34, where the warrior Benkei is transported to the present and in a fish out of water.

Max aka Battle Tracto Max

The muscle of the group, Max is nearly a direct analog for the Syber-Squad character of Tanker.

Borr aka Buster Borr


Vit aka Sky Vitter

Alexis Kerib

Unlike most other characters, the role of mysterous, evil benefactor doesn't have to much variation to it. A unique choice, though, is that Alexis's English voice actor emulates the voice of Syber-Squad's Kilokhan, giving him a particular accent. What is noteworthy is that Alexis bares resemblence to Over Justice from Studio Trigger's Space Patrol Luluco. In interviews, it has been suggested that Alexis is a corrupted version of Over Justice.


Anti primarily takes inspiration from Gridman the Hyper Agent. His kaiju form very obviously a reference to Shinobilar, a talking kaiju known for learning new techniques. Anti becoming Gridknight is also a clear analog for Gridman Sigma, a partner for Gridman found only in the photo comics that continued the story after the series had ended. It is also likely that Anti's anger is meant to emulate either Takeshi or Malcolm, or possibly both.

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