Kracked Moon Characters


One of the two leading ladies in Kracked Moon, Cryztal is a bit of a handful. While these days she spends her time streaming to a remarkable regular audience, she was once the main antagonist of a tv show, and seemingly among her neighborhood peers growing up. Now with her friend Jason being her last tether to her local scene, Cryztal is very charismatic as a streamer, but still rude and dismissive in person. She works hard and pays her bills, but she doesn't like to unpack her own history.

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Nai-bu has found herself head over heels for her childhood friend. Having finally achieved her bachelor's degree in political science, Nai-bu has been planning to become independent from her parents, with her biggest act of defiance being a visit to her old friends and co-stars. What she expects to be a simple act gets a lot more complicated when she learns that her childhood best friend is now a beautiful woman! Nai-bu can barely keep her old friend off of her mind!

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Not all heroes wear capes, and Jason is such a hero. During his day job, Jason is a popular agent making a name for himself working at a local insurance agency. His charisma would convince you quickly that he was interested in acting, and was even a child actor at one point. He claims to not do as much acting these days, but every saturday you can find him in the park playing the role of Silver Justice, a hero for kids to cheer on. His family friendly shows are just another way he contributes to his local community, inspired by the types of shows he grew up watching.

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New to the lives of those around him, Kyle can be absolutely obnoxious. After years of loving the tv show Forgotten Station, and being able to attend reunions because his father worked on the show, Kyle has finally found the one person who he cares about the most: the actor who played Spess! Though he was hoping to be able to get advice from someone different, he is happy enough to meet Cryztal and become her friend, whether she wants him to or not.

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