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One of the two leading ladies in Kracked Moon, Cryztal is a bit of a handful. While these days she spends her time streaming to a remarkable regular audience, she was once the main antagonist of a tv show, and seemingly among her neighborhood peers growing up. Now with her friend Jason being her last tether to her local scene, Cryztal is very charismatic as a streamer, but still rude and dismissive in person. She works hard and pays her bills, but she doesn't like to unpack her own history.

Unknown to most, Cryztal is secretly an alien. Well, an alien-human hybrid. This doesn't mean she has a spaceship or plans to invade the earth, but she does have to mind her impulses. She may often look human, but when she transforms into an alien, Cryztal resembles a big red lizard with a mind like a supercomputer. The only way to tame her baser instincts is by eating people meat, presently sent to her by her business agent and de facto caretaker, Dale. Everything seems under control, until Cryztal's long lost friend Nai-bu shows up, and she can't tell whether her desire to get closer is out of affection...or hunger!

  • Full Name: Cryztal Silson
  • Age: 25
  • Species: Alien
  • Height: 5'10½"
  • Profession: Variety Streamer
  • Food: Steak
  • Music: Video Game Soundtracks
  • Sports: Ping Pong
  • Games: FPS;Designer
  • Movies: Comedy


Growing up it felt like Jason genuinely believed Cryztal was some kind of space invader, but when Nai-bu moved away, the two grew closer as true friends. He might be one of the only people Cryztal lets her guard down around. Despite their closeness, the two never felt comfortable simply hanging out together.
In absence of Cryztal's mother, Dale has been monitoring and maintaining Cryztal's well-being since she turned 18. The two aren't necessarily close, but their relationship is fairly casual. Dale makes Cryztal's life easier by managing her income and preventing her from going hungry and turning into a vicious beast. While he claims to have other clients, and is ready to help Cryztal in a moment of weakness, Cryztal has revealed very little to Dale.
As kids, the two were inseparable. None of the other kids would play with Cryztal, but Nai-bu loved spending time together. It hit Cryztal really hard when Nai-bu was sent away by her parents to attend a boarding school, where she was explicitly told to never talk to Cryztal again. While Cryztal moved past her sense of loss, reuniting has sparked an unexpected interest in reconnecting. Hopefully, it is for the best.


"Walking home from school used to be horrible! Everyone would pick on me! And for no reason! But now Nai-bu walks home with me every day! Maybe now Jason will leave me alone and stop asking me where my spaceship is!" -Cryztal, 8
"I'm really glad I was able to join the LGBT+ Club this semester. Jason's been trying to be supportive, but no one he's friends with wants anything to do with me. These people should understand me better." -Cryztal, 16
"I finally showed my face on stream, and my sub count doubled overnight? I know Dale said anonymity is a good thing, but I can't just freeload forever, right? I can definitely turn this into something!" -Cryztal, 20


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