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New to the lives of those around him, Kyle can be absolutely obnoxious. After years of loving the tv show Forgotten Station, and being able to attend reunions because his father worked on the show, Kyle has finally found the one person who he cares about the most: the actor who played Spess! Though he was hoping to be able to get advice from someone different, he is happy enough to meet Cryztal and become her friend, whether she wants him to or not.

It is hard to tell if Kyle is a stalker, or just lonely and awkward. He's spent years obsessing over a tv show that his own headcanons blind him to the real world around him. He still gets into frivolous arguments online over minor plot elements that were dropped due to a sloppy production. Hopefully these personality defects don't lead to him causing trouble for others.

  • Full Name: Kyle Schuler
  • Age: 19
  • Species: Human
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Profession: College Student
  • Food: Sushi
  • Music:
  • Sports: Billiards
  • Games:
  • Movies: Action/Comedy


Until recently, Kyle only knew how to associate Cryztal with her character from tv, and the two had never spoken to each other. In his youthful ignorance, Kyle presumes a type of closeness with Cryztal that does nothing but make her uncomfortable.
With Kyle's parents divorced, he lives with his dad, and his mom has a new family. Kyle's dad is generally nice and supportive, if not a little neglectful. Kyle generally likes his dad, but also feels like a burden. They get along just fine.
Cryztal's Friends
Kyle seems like he might want to be Cryztal's only friend, and doesn't like the idea of her spending time with others. He already feels like she doesn't spend enough time with him, despite them only having just met. He's more dismissive about Nai-bu, and almost entirely ignores Jason.


"Mom and Dad keep bringing me along, but when is it my turn on the stage? They tell me to try on different costumes, but I never get to be in front of the camera!" -Kyle, 5
"Another thread where some dumbass SpeLo shipper won't shut up! It's so obvious that Lonya was meant to die, but the script was considered too dark! They probably think Spess was also going to become a hero at some point. BOR-ING!"
-Kyle, 14
"What I expected to be another boring year, with a reunion party where no one even cares that I was on a few episodes of the show, the greatest thing imaginable happened! Spess's actor came out of hiding! And he was really played by the streamer Cryztal? I never would have guessed! Supposedly she lives in the same house she grew up in, so I should be able to visit her! Good things come to those who wait!"
-Kyle, 19


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