☽⊱ Nai-bu ⊰☾

Nai-bu has found herself head over heels for her childhood friend. Having finally achieved her bachelor's degree in political science, Nai-bu has been planning to become independent from her parents, with her biggest act of defiance being a visit to her old friends and co-stars. What she expects to be a simple act gets a lot more complicated when she learns that her childhood best friend is now a beautiful woman! Nai-bu can barely keep her old friend off of her mind!

While Nai-bu may seem like a model example of a third generation Homo Sap-Catus, her time away from her hometown was nothing but trouble for a long time. Not only did Nai-bu's loneliness result in depression and self-destructive habits, but she also developed a problem with becoming overly attached when she falls in love. Good friends and some healthy sessions of therapy may have helped, but she's not completely out of the woods just yet. How far will she take herself for love?

  • Food: Pasta
  • Music: Kidz Bop
  • Sports: Tennis
  • Games: Mobile
  • Movies: Documentaries


Originally meeting as tennis players from rival schools, Sandra became Nai-bu's college roommate and best friend. She is always looking out for Nai-bu, and supports her efforts to be independent from her parents. Nai-bu appreciates Sandra's enthusiasm, but is sometimes worried Sandra will take things too far.
Nai-bu's mother and father have always wanted the best for their daughter. Growing up, Nai-bu's parents tried to give her a good life, including involvement in American HSC culture. Despite this effort, working long hours created an emotional gap, and they began to rely on more superficial measurements of success. After sending her away to a boarding school, Nai-bu slowly grew to resent her parents, as they continued to prioritize their own feelings over hers.
As kids, the two were inseperable. None of the other kids would play with Cryztal, but Nai-bu loved spending time together. It hit Cryztal really hard when Nai-bu was sent away by her parents to attend a boarding school, where she was explicitly told to never talk to Cryztal again. Nai-bu thought she had moved on, even thinking that maybe she had a childish crush when they were kids, but has become lovestruck since reuniting.


"We really are working hard on this show! I think Jason's dad was messing with us when he said he was inspired by our games. Maybe he's just saving a story about Spess and Lonya for later? They should be much closer by now." -Nai-bu, 9
"My parents really don't believe me when I tell them how horrible this place is. Even the lunch lady is in on it! No, I don't eat cat food! I don't play with yarn! Maybe if I had the courage to show them what I did to my thighs they’d believe me." -Nai-bu, 12
"She really was cheating on me the whole time? But we just went on a date last week! I call her all the time! I almost gave in when Sandra offered to egg her car, but that won't really help. Well...maybe it would help a little." -Nai-bu, 20


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